New Twist in 1988 Kirk Gibson Home Run Ball Fate

We now know that Kirk Gibson has been storing most of the game-worn and game-used gear from his career in a storage facility somewhere.  SCP Auctions’ announcement last week that it was selling the bat, jersey and other items associated with Gibson’s 1988 World Series heroics proved that.

Kirk Gibson signed game used items 1988 World SeriesWhat about the ball?  It’s a question collectors have wondered about for years.

Sports memorabilia dealers hear plenty of stories about potentially valuable items.

Sometimes they actually turn out to be true.

However, after putting out an all points bulletin for the famous ball that’s never been revealed, CNBC’s Darren Rovell proved there is no shortage of people willing to tell some tall tales for a moment of fame–or the possibility of a big payday.

He did, however, find one intriguingly possible answer as to the story of who wound up with it.  Read it all here.