New Sports Illustrated Baseball Book Chronicles Game

Sports Illustrated searched the Hall of Fame archives and it’s own treasure trove of writing and images to create a giant new book about the game.

It’s 294 pages long, jammed with famous and not-so-famous photos and stories about the game of baseball.

Sports Illustrated’s exhaustive new biography "The Baseball Book" chronicles the history of the game through the eyes of it’s writers but also goes beyond the 1954 beginning of the magazine. Baseball’s famous names are intertwined with American history.

For editor Rob Fleder, it was a labor of love. "We looked at tens of thousands of pictures and thousands of stories," Fleder told "Then, beyond the stuff that was in the SI archives, one of the first stops we made was at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, who threw open their vaults to us and allowed us to come back in and photograph a lot of stuff, so we had access to their treasures."