New Site Hopes to Capture Old eBay

A couple of former eBay employees have launched a web site aimed at taking the auction site back to its roots.

While eBay’s recent changes may be aimed at increasing the number of retail or fixed price items available for sale, one new web site is hoping to do the opposite.

They’re taking eBay’s current set-up and removing some of the clutter they believe some eBay customers would rather do without.

According to a press release, "allows buyers to quickly and easily find the eBay Auctions you want to bid on without having to fight your way through the retail priced items which increasingly clutter eBay in 2008."

The site was created by two former eBay employees who say eBay has gotten more confusing and harder to use. They decided to create to "enable those who miss the eBay of old to once again enjoy the simplicity and fun of bidding in an eBay Auction."

The release promises "has no ads, no complicated sorting options, and no retail fixed-priced items – just eBay Auctions".

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