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New Jersey Show Rolls On Despite Fewer Kid Collectors

Collectors like a card show they can count on and in Garfield, New Jersey they’ve had one for more than 23 years.

The Cards & Collectibles Show at the local Boys & Girls Club is held twice a month and while crowds sometimes aren’t what they used to be, enough collectors turn out to keep the doors opening every other Sunday.

The show not only helps collectors fill their want lists as dealers set up with tables full of vintage and modern era singles, sets and unopened boxes, it helps keep regular cash coming into the Boys & Girls Club, which rents out the hall.

One thing that’s changed, though, is the number of kids in attendance.

At least that’s the take that was offered in this Bergen Record Story, which became the latest media outlet to lament the hobby’s turn toward adults.

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    New Jersey Show Rolls On Despite Fewer Kid Collectors

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