Nebraska Offering Pre-Sales of Game Worn Jerseys

Nebraska football players can forget about keeping their jerseys from this week’s game with Texas.

They’re for sale.

Taylor Martinez jerseyOn Saturday,  the Cornhuskers will take on the Texas Longhorns in Memorial Stadium. The game will be part of the Red Out Around the World campaign and will feature a celebration of the 1970 National Championship team.

Every jersey is on the block with minimum bids of $250 each.  The #3 of quarterback Taylor Martinez stood at nearly $1,000 as of Thursday night.  Apparently in keeping with NCAA rules, however, player names will be removed from the back of all jerseys before they are sent to winning bidders.

Two players can share the same number, so if you’re bidding on a number that has two listings, there appears to be no guarantee you’ll get the more popular or starting player.

Sports memorabilia auctions often operate under a ‘ten minute rule’.  Nebraska operates its online auction with a three-minute rule, meaning the auction will remain active for three  minutes past the last bid received. If a bid is received during the three minute extension the auction will continue for another three minutes past the new bid. Once bidding has stopped for a period of three minutes, the auction will close and the winner will be notified.

The auctions opened last week and run until October 21.

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