NBA Rookie Cards from Topps, Upper Deck

Upper Deck scores some exclusives while Topps offers draft night cards.

Michael Beasley Draft Day Topps rookie card The two NBA trading card licensees wasted no time in putting this year’s draft class on the first basketball cards of 2008-09.

Topps produced limited NBA Draft Day autographed rookie cards, available only through the company’s online store. Seven different players were featured: top pick Derrick Rose, #2 choice Michael Beasley, Brook Lopez, Eric Gordon, Jerryd Bayless, O.J. Mayo and Kevin Love. The cards were sequentially numbered to either 50 or 100 and autographed by the players following the draft last Thursday night.

Several of the cards are already available on eBay, with prices ranging from $99 to $399. One of the signed Rose cards sold over the weekend for $299.

Upper Deck was able to sign contracts with each of the top ten picks and will be showcasing each starting with its 2008-09 NBA Hot Prospects release in early October.

The draft picks will make their Upper Deck basketball debut in NBA Hot Prospects next fall (SRP $6.99 per five-card pack). Each box will include one autographed rookie patch card, the first of the season. These cards will be numbered to 399 or less.