NBA Finals Jerseys: Yes, They’ll Wash Them

Kobe Bryant NBA Finals jersey The auctions continue for the game worn jerseys from this year’s NBA Finals as the league dips its toe in a national campaign to market memorabilia–but as for the question of cleanliness–don’t sweat it.

They’ve only just begun to bid in this year’s NBA Finals jersey auction. While the Lakers and Celtics battle on the court, the jerseys they wore early in the series are now tagged and stuck away, waiting for the end of the online auction.

MeiGray and the NBA are conducting the sale with collectors and just plain fans (with deep pockets) competing to win a little slice of league history. A jersey worn by Kobe Bryant has already surpassed $12,000 with a week to go.

While the more pedestrian players won’t likely see bids into five figures, the superstar shirts will generate even more interest than they’ve already gotten.

But the LA Times is wondering if the league plans to literally sell them off the players’ backs or give them a bath first.