NBA All-Star Programs Can Be Valuable

Major League Baseball once had two All-Star games during a season and endless controversy over who belongs and who doesn’t.  The NFL’s Pro Bowl is kind of a joke.  The NHL All-Star Game changes formats like players chance their socks.  The NBA?  You can argue there’s not much defense being played but in terms of historic consistency and general entertainment value, it’s not bad.  For collectors, NBA All-Star programs offer what might be one of the more interesting buys today.

The early programs are rare.  After all, fewer than 10,000 people attended many of those games.  Only a fraction bought the game program.  Fewer still have survived.

Some years, the program was produced in large quantities.  Still, they’re unique.  A place where you can read about a small group of one sport’s Hall of Famers coming together for one afternoon (or evening).  Prices for most NBA All-Star programs over the last 30 years–even through the Bird-Magic-Jordan era–are low.

The old programs are relatively scarce.  Considering the game’s growing international popularity, maybe it’s one little segment of the hobby that ‘s in for some growth.