Jeremy Lin Rookie Card from National Treasures Sells for $21,580

New York Knicks’ sensation Jeremy Lin went one for 11 and committed eight turnovers against the Miami Heat Thursday night.  It was not the type of blue chip performance the buyer of a $21,000 rookie card hopes to see, but such is life in the prospecting game.  The Panini National Treasures Lin rookie card that had been getting so much attention over the last week sold to that believer just hours earlier on eBay.  The final price was $21,580 (see it here).

Jeremy Lin National Treasures auto 9.5Despite a flood of national media attention, including late interviews with Fox News and ESPN on Wednesday, the card never hit the numbers that were being tossed around earlier in the week after initial bidding pushed it quickly toward $15,000.  It still worked out well for the owner, Yair Rozmaryn, a New Yorker who paid just $1,000 for it after Lin’s second NBA start.  A tidy flip that should cover a pair of very nice Knicks season tickets for a couple of years.   He kept the card in a safe deposit box inside a New York bank after buying it.

The two-color patch card, one of just 25 issued and numbered 17 to match Lin’s jersey, was selling for less than $10 at the start of this year.

The buyer’s name hasn’t been revealed but he did have more than 150 positive feedback reports.  The National Treasures Lin rookie card is the only item he’s bid on in the last 30 days.

The card generated 36 bids in all.

Lin rookie cards have been scorching hot during his meteoric rise to internationally known star.  Over 800 are currently on eBay

Rozmaryn was on with ESPN business reporter Michelle Steele on Wednesday, talking about the card–and the gamble that seems to have paid off well.