National Pastime Museum Website Features Exhibits Articulating Baseball’s Past

Documenting the history of baseball, a newly launched website features an extraordinary collection of baseball ephemera, memorabilia, historical artifacts and documents.  The online baseball museum at The National Pastime navigates through our extensive collection of rarities, marrying the  history of the game with a century and a half of timeless artifacts. With interactive exhibits and articles on “America’s Game,” as Walt Whitman famously dubbed it, the website aims to educate and entertain.

National Pastime Museum websiteTimeline Exhibitions
The website allows visitors to navigate baseball’s history through an interactive timeline while exploring related artifacts along the way. It follows baseball’s story from the origins of the game up through the apex of its cultural significance in the mid-20th century. An additional timeline features the  history of the African American baseball experience in an exhibit entitled A Separate Game. It will feature the story of the “separate game” of black baseball from the game’s very early years through 1947 when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.

Collection Highlights

Wagner Cobb batsViewers will also be able to browse and enjoy collection highlights through special exhibits that will launch throughout the year. The first extensive special exhibit features a world-class collection of baseball bats game used by some of the greatest hitters of all time, from Babe Ruth and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson through Lou Gehrig and the legendary Josh Gibson. The bat exhibit includes a video featuring the nation’s leading bat authenticator and expert John Taube.

The National Pastime Museum will feature a series of monthly columns from nine of the most distinguished baseball historians in the nation. There will be regular ongoing articles telling “the story behind the story” of the rarest and most important artifacts found within the collection. Additionally, a rotating group of guest historians will be featured in a Historian’s Corner series. The  articles offer an opportunity to learn about baseball lore from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field.