Joe Namath Tells Story Behind Rookie Card Hospital Photo to Letterman

Topps’ Super Bowl Legends game continues the company’s online promotional efforts.

1965 Topps Joe Namath rookie cardThere are special code cards in packs of 2011 Topps Football. Each code unlocks either a special die-cut Super Bowl Legends card or a  Super Bowl digital item. The die- cut cards include 70 top Super Bowl performers from the past in special  technology (just like the Diamond die-cut cards offered in the Diamond Giveaway). You can also unlock a special gold parallels of the base die-cut card or a special 1/1 version of the diamond die-cut with jewels embedded.

There are 3 types of digital items you can unlock; digital super bowl coins, digital super bowl jerseys and digital rings. The more digital items you collect the more prizes you can win. Prizes include a free code, a $10 Topps coupon or Joe Namath autographed card. There are 45 unique rings, 45 unique coins and 45 unique jerseys to unlock, unlock all 45 of one type and automatically win a Namath autograph, unlock 10 unique of one type and automatically be entered into a drawing for autographed Joe Namath card.

During baseball season, the company enlisted Cal Ripken Jr. to help promote the Diamond Giveaway program.  Now, it’s Joe’s turn.

One of his stops was at the Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday night.  He talked about the coming season, but about eight minutes in, they have some fun with his rookie card.  The 1965 Topps Namath has an interesting story behind it that involves a wounded Namath arising from his hospital bed.  That part of the conversation starts about 8 minutes into the video:

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  1. […] more interesting is that the photo of Namath that is on the card was shot in a hospital hallway.  Joe was in the hospital recovering from his first knee operation but a picture was needed so […]