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Musial on the Mind at Cardinals Winter Warmup Show

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Stan Musial’s death Saturday coincided with the St. Louis Cardinals’ annual Winter Warmup in St. Louis. Held Saturday through Monday, the event brings thousands to town but it was a little more special this year. The Warmup was sort of a wake for Musial, the popular Hall of Famer who spent more than 70 years in the city as a player, businessman and all around ambassador.

The card show went on with dealers who always stock plenty of Musial merchandise doing a brisk business. Some fans may have been afraid the price would be headed upward now that he’s gone, but like some other athletes—and a former movie star who gave him the idea—Musial made sure there were enough to go around.

On eBay Monday, Musial memorabilia remained popular. autographed balls were still selling in the $75-100 range—more for high grade or inscribed versions. KSDK in St. Louis talked with dealers who say they tried not to be greedy. Watch their story:

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