Museum Collection Football 2013 Box Break/Review

Some products are just a bit easier to write about than others.  Museum Collection Football 2013  is starting to fall into that category.  The cards are issued in mini-boxes with a guaranteed hit per mini-box and the formula Topps launched in baseball has been transferred to football for the first time.   Knowing what to expect means  in a down football year such as the one just completed, a collector may be more willing to take a chance on purchasing a box because they realize there is a chance their money may be recouped. 

In addition, the cards in Museum Collection will always be nice quality.  The base cards feature a player photo surrounded by the off-white border. The backs feature biographical information, career statistics and a brief informational blurb. 

Topps did a decent job of putting some past greats into 2013 Museum Collection football boxthis product to make up for the big time star power missing from last season’s rookie class.

Each master box has four mini boxes with each of those containing five cards including one hit.  Reviews have generally been good so somewhat surprisingly, when I stopped into my local card store (Triple Cards in Plano, TX) he had reported selling exactly one mini-box at $50.  He was asking $190 for master boxes. Other leading on-line retailers are currently between $180-190. 

2013 Museum Terrance Williams patchThe design has been pretty well received, the on card autographs are appreciated and the patch cards revealed in box breaks and eBay listings are generally nice but some collectors just don’t think they can make a profit on anything 2013 football and that may be why some dealers are having trouble moving them.

How did we do from our box?

Base Cards: 14 of 100. Yes, it would take several boxes to complete a set but most people who buy Museum Collection are not looking for base cards

Ruby Parallel (#d to 50): Montee Ball

Canvas Collection: Russell Wilson

2013 Museum Quad Relic Foles JacksonJumbo Relics: Terrance Williams

Quad Relics (#d to 75): Nick Foles/DeSean Jackson/Jeremy Maclin/Zach Ertz

Museum Collection 2013 Museum Collection patchSignature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs (#td to 95): Keenan Allen

Signature Series Autograph (#d to 55): Bo Jackson

We pulled several cards with serial numbering that did not have that notation in the Beckett on-line price guide so getting that information out quickly might stimulate sales. This is true for any product released with changes made during the production stage.

2013 Museum Collection Bo Jackson autographScoring two solid autographs is always a plus and our other hits were pretty solid here too.

While we were very satisfied with what we got from our box not everyone is going to do as well. We do understand at a $10 per card price that not every mini-box will provide this much value but in our case we understand the purpose of Museum Collection and we predict with a better projected rookie class for 2014, Museum Collection will resume its luster.

A lot of Museum Collection Football has made its way to eBay.  Click here to see what’s being offered.

Rich Klein can be reached at [email protected]