Moutain of Baseball Memorabilia Keeps Okie Collector Busy

Robert Taylor of Tulsa, Okla., isn’t one of those guys who doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s got.

Everyone in his area already does.

Besides, he’d rather show off his pride and joy if a local civic group calls and asks for a little show and tell time.  Taylor has plenty of material.  He’s one of the biggest collectors of baseball material you’ll find in the southwest.

He owns hundreds of thousands of cards, thousands of autographs and more hand-signed baseballs and bats than you can possibly examine in one day.

It all started when he got a batch of duplicate cards from a thoughtful neighbor who recognized his interest in baseball early on.

His collection of autographs–and stories–really took off once he got to know one of his relatives–a former Yankee who helped open doors.

GTR Newspapers caught up with Taylor and came away amazed at the size and scope of his stash.