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Ty Cobb Baseball Cards Remain Strong

No player’s face portrayed the tobacco card era better.  Cy Young had sort of a grandfatherly appearance by 1909.  Christy Mathewson was a college grad, rare for players of the time.  Walter Johnson looked almost tranquil, as if he knew he’d get you out one way or another.  Honus Wagner?  Well, his short tenure in those cigarette packs didn’t say much.  Ty Cobb cards gave us the look.  The portraits and the action shots…Cobb was everywhere on cards in the first part of the 20th century.

The Georgia Peach was born December 18, 1886.

He was in his prime when T206 and T205 were stuck inside the many brands of tobacco cards.  He was in caramel cards, too, so you didn’t have to be a smoker to find his picture.  And who wouldn’t want one of the game’s greatest player.  Cobb was Rickey Henderson, although by many accounts he would have had no interest in playing with him.

Cobb captivates collectors like no other player and his original baseball cards are the keys to virtually every set issued between 1907 and 1925.

One of his most popular cards–the T3 Turkey Red–sold on eBay late last year in an SGC 60 holder for $13,795.  A PSA 6 ‘bat on shoulder’ T206 went for nearly $9,000.  Even a low grade 1915 Cracker Jack sold for over $3,600.

He’s proven to be a good investment over time.  So what Ty Cobb cards are being watched by the most eBay bidders right now?  Take a look:

20 bids - Price: $3,050.04 - Watchers: 84
Item # 400763650829
1909-11 T206 Ty Cobb RED PORTRAIT BVG 5.5 EX+ (PWCC)
23 bids - Price: $2,425.00 - Watchers: 55
Item # 400763651008
Ty Cobb Detroit HOF- T-206 Green Background Piedmont - 1909-1911 - $1.99 ship
22 bids - Price: $321.00 - Watchers: 54
Item # 161409290661
1910 E98 Set Of 30 Ty Cobb RED PSA 2 GD (PWCC)
18 bids - Price: $830.00 - Watchers: 51
Item # 141387837190
T206 Ty Cobb Red Portrait HOF Detroit Polar Bear Back PSA 2 GOOD
24 bids - Price: $691.00 - Watchers: 44
Item # 361035982391
1909-11 T206 Ty Cobb BAT OFF SHOULDER PSA 1.5 FR (PWCC)
25 bids - Price: $520.00 - Watchers: 37
Item # 141387833348
1909-11 T206 Ty Cobb BAT OFF SHOULDER GAI 3.5 VG+ (PWCC)
29 bids - Price: $900.00 - Watchers: 33
Item # 351156276883
1927 Exhibits Ty Cobb PSA 4 VGEX (PWCC)
19 bids - Price: $202.50 - Watchers: 28
Item # 351156281824
2012 Panini Prime Cuts TY COBB Timeline Game Used Quad Bat Jersey /25
3 bids - Price: $22.50 - Watchers: 27
Item # 151397563691
1923 W515-2 Ty Cobb #10 PSA 3 VG (PWCC)
14 bids - Price: $202.49 - Watchers: 26
Item # 400763658765

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