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Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia of All-Time

A Babe Ruth jersey.  The original rules of basketball.  A T206 Wagner.  Ali’s boxing gloves from one of his most important fights.  All pieces of sports history that wound up in Yankees Ruth jerseythe marketplace.

Sports collectibles no longer take a back seat when it comes to appreciation, value and headlines.  Put together a list of the biggies and you’re quickly into eight figures.

If it seems like a lot of the big sales have happened just in the last couple of years, you’re right.

Their effort may have missed a piece or two…like Julius “Dr. J” Erving’s 1974 New York Nets ABA Championship Ring which sold last year for  $460,741, they’re only reporting on one of each, and the sales figures are only from public auctions… but offers a pretty comprehensive and newly updated photo gallery of the top 30 most expensive pieces of sports memorabilia ever sold.


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    Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia of All-Time

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    Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia of All-Time

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