More Crummy Looking Autographs Hit Market

A new football season has arrived and with it, a new crop of rookies who must sign hundreds–sometimes thousands– of their football cards and sticker sheets for inclusion into the various card companies’ packs.

And that, ladies and gentlemen leads to the fun photo gallery below.  Many are from the just released 2012 Topps Platinum football, although they could be from anywhere considering how widespread the problem is.

As we discussed not long ago, hasty scribbles passing for autographed trading cards are everywhere.

Do the players not care whether you can actually read them?  Has penmanship gone the way of the manual typewriter?  After an hour, does it just get to be too much?

All of the above?

Either way, it’s clear from these eBay listings and reader submitted images of brand new issues in our slideshow (and it took all of five minutes to find all of these) that the definition of ‘autograph’ is up for debate.