Monster Lot of Monster Boxes

A Michigan man is hoping you’ll help his wife get her car in the garage by buying his cards.

The "book value" is $120,000 but we all know that you can throw out the book when it comes to post-1980 baseball cards. A penny apiece? If you can get that, you’re one heckuva salesman.

Nick Ramsey of Flint Township, Michigan is out of work and in need of cash so he’s put a stash of about 1.2 million cards on the block. They’ve overtaken his garage.

He’s got them on Craig’sList, priced at $65 per ten thousand, but if you are ready to deal, so is he. And it’s not all junk according to what we can see.

He was lucky enough to have the local ABC affiliate actually come out and do a story on his cards, which is about the best free publicity any modern era stash has ever gotten, so even if you’re not blown away by the quality, you’ve got to admire his marketing skill.

Watch the story below: