MMA Memorabilia Market on Upswing

Sports collecting’s new frontier has a growing base that’s hard to ignore.

Mixed Martial Arts may be a relative newcomer to the sports industry, but there’s no denying the impact and growing popularity of the sport.

Once considered fringe–something you brushed past on the way to the "real sports" on television–MMA is now big enough to have its own Topps trading card set. And the recently released product isn’t exactly sitting on the shelves.

"The value has gone up almost 100 percent over the last few weeks," says the company’s brand manager.

It’s not just cards.

MMA ‘fight worn" items are popular and so is the sport’s action figure industry. Some former card shop owners have discovered there’s more money in MMA collectibles than there is in traditional sports cards and memorabilia. reports there’s still time to jump on the bandwagon if you can swallow a little stick and ball sports pride.

"The MMA collectibles business is in its infancy," says one dealer.

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