MLBPA’s Heeter Stepping Down

The Director of Business Affairs and Licensing for the Major League Baseball Players Association is leaving her post.

Judy Heeter, who oversaw the licensing of trading cards for the Major League Baseball Players Association, will resign at the end of the year.

While the baseball card industry was but a small part of her duties, it was Heeter who made many of the decisions that would ultimately impact what collectors saw in the marketplace. She was actively involved in the recent implementation of the rookie card logo that now appears on cards. It was a move aimed at assigning the “rookie card” label to the officially licensed card in which a player appears as a big league player. It was a move that not all collectors embraced, however.

Heeter’s replacement has not been named.

“It’s been an action-packed 19 years since I first arrived, and much has changed,” Heeter said. “But the demands of the commuter lifestyle have been difficult, especially lately, and I look forward to the chance to pursue opportunities I haven’t had time to explore.” Heeter has agreed to remain on staff for a short time thereafter to ensure a smooth transition.

“Her contributions to the development of our licensing program are many and significant. On behalf of myself, and the players, past present and future for whom she worked, I thank her for her outstanding service,” said Don Fehr, outgoing Executive Director of the MLBPA.

Incoming Executive Director of the MLBPA, Michael Weiner, added that “Judy has
aggressively defended player rights in the licensing area, and our group licensing program has made great strides during her tenure.”

Heeter joined the MLBPA team in November 1990 came to the Association after eight years as counsel to Hallmark Cards’ licensing and international divisions. She became Director of Business Affairs and Licensing for the player’s association in 1991.

The MLBPA says Heeter’s leadership has resulted in “significant growth in the MLBPA group licensing program, development of its Players Choice marketing brand, and the creation of innovative and successful programs, including the Major League Baseball Players Trust, the Players Choice Awards, and the Big League Home Run Challenge.”