MLB: Stop or We’ll Sue!

A New York newspaper reports that Major League Baseball fired off an angry letter to a Ridgeway, N.J. sports memorabilia retailer Thursday, telling them to stop the sale of some Derek Jeter autographed baseballs.

National Collectors Gallery had purchased some Jeter-signed baseballs from Steiner Sports, then added an engraved notation about Jeter’s 3,000th hit.  It sounds harmless enough—especially since the company already sells a variety of commemorative Jeter baseballs, including some from other accomplishments.

MLB, however, apparently believes some fans could be lured into thinking the baseballs were somehow associated with the actual game in which Jeter got his milestone hit.

Their legal department has fired off a letter telling NCG to stop or they’ll face legal action, according to this story.

The baseballs were gone from the website as of late Thursday night.