Visits NSCC

Dealers and corporate sponsors are back home.  Collectors are sorting through what they purchased.  Autograph hounds are finding the right spot for the signatures they mlb.comgathered at the Tri-Star pavilion. The 34th National Sports Collectors Convention is history but those who were there are still digesting the industry’s biggest annual gathering.

The hobby is still kind of a curiosity for those outside its gates.  Many are surprised to find there’s still enough interest to fill a mammoth convention hall after years of hearing the onslaught of “baseball cards are dead” stories pushed out by media outlets who don’t understand that the 1980s and early 90’s weren’t really ‘normal’.   Others are stunned by the prices attained by vintage cards and memorabilia and some are curious to know how the card companies are coping with the shift toward digital entertainment.

Among the media outlets walking the floor was Cash Kruth, a reporter for  Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures with his story but he talked to several people associated with the industry for this story, which was published on Saturday.