MLB Authenticators Busy in Post-Season

It’s the first trip to the World Series for the Texas Rangers.  The first in the post-Barry Bonds era for the San Francisco Giants.  History is made at every turn during baseball’s post-season and Major League Baseball’s Authenticators are there documenting it.

While the authenticators are present at every big league game these days, there are more of them working the playoffs and World Series.

MLB authentication hologramThey’re close to the field to snare foul balls and tag the bases, which are changed twice during the game.  They’re in the outfield seats to put a hologram on home run balls.

They’re also in the clubhouse when a series is clinched.

It’s all to make sure everything is on the up-and-up when the items go into the MLB Auctions platform.

The San Francisco Examiner got the scoop on a sampling of what’s been tagged so far and offers a little more on the program.