MLB Authenticators Busy During Playoffs

Every item tagged by MLB authenticators during the season isn’t a valuable piece of sports history. Some of it is, well, kind of mundane. A home run ball hit by a backup catcher. A strikeout ball from a pitcher who will only get inside the Hall of Fame if he buys a ticket.

MLB authentication hologramHowever, Major League Baseball teams have proven there is a market of some kind for virtually all of it. That’s why right from the opening pitch–and even before–everything gets tagged with a hologram.

During the playoffs, each baseball put in play, every base and dozens of other items are saved by the authentication team that monitors each pitch.

They have fans and collectors’ wallets in mind, of course, but they’re also recording history just in case the team or the Hall of Fame wants something important.

Mike Pesca of National Public Radio was in Yankee Stadium for Game Four of the ALCS and filed this report: