MLB Auctions Selling Items from Lincecum No-Hitter Including Beer Cans, Champagne Bottles

It’s come to this.  Major League Baseball Auctions is selling empty beer cans, champagne bottles and popped corks from the clubhouse celebration following Tim Lincecum’s July 13 no-hitter in San Diego (yes, they come with official MLB Authentication stickers).

Celebratory Bud Light can Lincecum no hitterLincecum struck out 13 Padres and threw 148 pitches in notching the first no-hitter of his career that night.

More than 30 items from the 15th no-hitter in Giants history are on the block along with the empty alcohol containers including:

  • Tim Lincecum autographed no-hit game ballNumerous game-used baseballs signed by Lincecum
  • Several player jerseys from that night including the one worn by catcher Buster Posey.  Bidding had already passed $3,200 as of Monday
  • Three bases used in the final four innings of the game, each signed  and inscribed by Game worn Buster Posey jerseyLincecum
  • A signed replica lineup card

Bidding is open through August 26 and proceeds go to MLB Charities.

More than a dozen Bud Light and Coors Lite cans are being offered along with several champagne bottles used in the post-game celebration inside the Giants’ clubhouse.  Bidding has been strong on the game-used items but not quite so active in the empty booze department.   The champagne bottles sit at around $20 each with cans at $5-6 after three days of bidding.


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