Missing Card Gets Viking Fan’s Goat

Unless you’ve been paying close attention, you might not realize that Topps’ 2009 football ‘factory’ set has a wee bit of false advertising on the box.

The shrink-wrapped sets, sold heavily at retail stores like Target and Walmart, feature a checklist that shows card #120 is Brett Favre.

However, a look inside reveals no Minnesota Viking in that spot.  In fact, it’s another quarterback …one who hasn’t quite had the career of  Grandpa Favre.

The Topps factory sets, printed before his journey to Minnesota, were apparently another victim of his pre-season waffling.

A Buffalo, Minnesota man who plunked down his 40 bucks for the set was more than a little bothered about not finding Favre’s card.  He took his complaint to the state attorney general and to KSTP-TV, which sent its crack investigative unit out to…well… investigate.

They did and here is the result of a slow news day.