MiraCard: Social Media App for Sports Collectors

Like Twitter and Facebook but wish there was an app strictly for sports card collectors you could put on your phone?  MiraCard is hoping to provide that solution.

Released for iPhone users this summer with plans for an Android version in the works, MiraCard is a free download that has over 1,000 users so far.

MiraCard appCurrent features include:

– A home feed where people can share their favorite cards, comment and like other cards, and have interactions with other collectors.

MiraCard Profile page– A personal collection page where you upload you collection via the card capture screen.  If the card you have is among more than three million cards in the MiraCard database, it’s uploaded using the company’s card recognition technology.

– A news page where you can discover other users and cards, see who liked or commented on your cards and if desired, learn who is following your profile.

– A wish list where you can add cards that you are looking to acquire.

Two main and bigger features Bahat says MiraCard is working on that will be included in future updates, possibly within a few weeks, include a buy/sell feature which allow collectors to post their cards and sell them directly on the app through Paypal and a MiraCard screenshotprivate messaging system where users can contact each other directly.

MiraCard developers have been working to spread the word about the new product, taking booth last weekend at the East Coast National show in New York.

“We have only been in the market for a few months but people are really loving the app,” MiraCard’s Guy Bahat told Sports Collectors Daily.  “Right now we a have a very dedicated fan base that’s growing constantly.  This app was started by someone who was looking for a place for his kids to collect cards without the risks of being exposed to all the bad things happening in social media today such as bad language and scammers.  For example, all of the cards being uploaded into the app first need to be approved by someone from our team before the rest of the users can see them.  It quickly evolved into a few other collectors joining in and wanting to bring card collecting into the digital age.”

The app is currently only available on iPhone due to financial reasons but Bahat says the company is aware of the demand for an Android version and is hoping to address that within a few months.