Minor Leagues Pay Major Memorabilia Dividends

Dave Bloomer’s sports collection is a big one.

From vintage baseball cards to autographs, game-worn jerseys and other memorabilia, he’s got enough to fill an apartment and part of a house.

The police chief in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York spends his summers racking up thousands of miles going to watch minor league baseball games, where he’s been getting to know players for years.  The commitment is fun for a baseball nut–but it’s also where he’s built his collection.

Bloomer has seen dozens of players go on to make huge splashes in the major leagues.  He even owns a game-used minor league glove from a future Hall of Famer that’s worth a lot more than he paid for it.

Bloomer, though, is definitely not in it for the money.  Not when he’s more than willing to have players personalize autographs to him…and not when many of the items in his collection are from players who never made it above A or AA ball.

He’s had plenty of fun watching those who did make ‘the show’, though, and he’s also willing to chase vintage baseball memorabilia when he’s not watching tomorrow’s stars.  Read an extensive interview with this die-hard fan in Collectors Weekly.