Mike Schmidt Longs for the Days of Legible Autographs

We’ve harped on it.  Even showed off a few of the worst looking autographs known to man earlier this summer.  We’re not alone.  Even pro athletes–those who’ve taken pride in Signed Mike Schmidt balltheir signature over the years, at least–are disappointed in their modern day colleagues when it comes to making sure you can actually read what’s been written.

Where the autograph was once a point of at least a little pride, it now seems to be just something to get done as fast as possible.  Many athletes have no regard for whether their autograph is legible, as long as it doesn’t take long and they can scribble enough so as not to disappoint anyone.

In a column for the Associated Press, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, whose John Hancock has always been pretty nice, is wondering what became of the signature.   Even when he’s the one doing the asking, the results are apparently less than stellar.


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    Mike Schmidt Longs for the Days of Legible Autographs