Michigan Man Latest to Claim Found T206 Wagner

A Michigan collector claims he just bought what he believes is a new addition to the family of known "Holy Grails". His attempt to sell it at a local auction Sunday wasn’t successful.

He says he’s invested $50,000 to buy it from another man who found it in an old house.

Ray Lumbert’s claim of owning a T206 Honus Wagner card is sure to generate some skepticism, especially since he apparently hasn’t had the card graded or authenticated as of yet. He hasn’t found a taker among the major auction houses he’s contacted either.

Wagner cards typically carry an advertisement on the back which reads "150 subjects", this card appears to carry the "350-460 subjects" variation.

Nevertheless, WILX-TV reports he was selling it at a local auction over the weekend. Asking price? $250,000.

"I’m hoping I can pay my home off and live stress free," he said.

RIch Colby of A-OK auctions Monday told Sports Collectors Daily the card did not sell but that Lumbert had received two offers for it.

Claims of Wagner  finds have become commonplace thanks to the enormous publicity generated by sales of authentic cards.  One auction house rep says his company receives calls "every week" from those thinking they’ve found a forgotten treasure.


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