Michael Jordan’s Car Back on the Block

For the Michael Jordan collector who has everything–or thought so–check out this eBay auction for MJ’s old wheels.

Michael Jordan MercedesA special edition 2007 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren once owned by the Basketball Hall of Famer is back on the auction block. The asking price is $429, 998.

One of just 150 thought to have been made, the car can travel at over 200 miles per hour and, according to the listing, is “loaded with carbon fiber”.

The car is no longer owned by Jordan. It’s being sold by A&M Auto Exports but it would appear as if the Jordan-signed title is inclMichael Jordan owned SLR McLaren Mercedesuded. Owner Joe Alhaj said he’s “had a few good bites” but no legitimate offer.

The car is being sold at a discount. It sold for $480,000 new and is still worth at least that much according to those in the know.

Back in May, it was offered on eBay at $449,000–some $20,000 less than the current price.

The auction closes Sunday, October 31.