Michael Jordan Love Letters to be Returned

See what we’ll be missing if cursive writing continues to disappear from our schools?  A hand-written love letter from Michael Jordan to a high school classmate that’s been the subject of much consternation and discussion is apparently heading back to the woman to whom they were written.

Letter from Michael JordanAfter one of at least two MJ letters wound up being posted online some seven years after it sold fairly quietly at auction, Laquetta Robinson realized they were no longer in her possession.  She claims someone–likely a family member–took them without her permission.

Ms. Robinson apparently didn’t see one of them sell for several thousand dollars at a 2004 Lelands auction, but after the same letter was posted online, someone tracked her down to get a reaction.  That’s when she began telling local media she wanted to know how they disappeared and threatened legal action.

Now, Nate D Sanders Auctions says it purchased that letter–and at least one more–and is ready to turn them back over to her, provided she gives them a copy of a police report.

Did Robinson file the report?  We don’t know.  But we do get more on the story from Raleigh-Durham’s ABC affiliate.