Merchandiser Sues NHLPA for $1 Million

A Canadian company thought it had a deal to sell a special piece of signed memorabilia but it all unraveled and lawyers are now involved.

Next Wave Sports, once a Canadian memorabilia maker, has field suit against the National Hockey League Players Association for blocking what it claims was an already-approved deal to sell signed Ilya Kovalchuk items at the All-Star Weekend two years ago.

According to the statement of claim, Next Wave developed a product described as a Jersey Art Collectible (JAC), which consists of a prominent player’s NHL jersey that displays unique artwork featuring the player.

Later, the company said it secured a deal through Kovalchuk’s agent to have the player sign a few hundred of the pieces. They planned to sell them in Atlanta during the All-Star week memorabilia show, but at the last minute, they weren’t allowed to put them on display.

They’re claiming the NHLPA is responsible for over $1 million in damages.

The company’s website is no longer active.

Read the story in the Edmonton Sun.