Memorabilia Man Wants to Know if Failed Delgado Deal Stems from Steroids

The dispute between a sports memorabilia dealer and former slugger Carlos Delgado  has taken a new twist.  As we reported in 2009, Delgado sued a company headed up by Spencer Lader, claiming the company owed him money as part of a deal to market autographed and game-worn memorabilia.  The contract was signed in October of 2006 when both Delgado appeared a lock for 500 home runs and the Mets were riding high.

Now, the New York Daily News reports that Lader’s company is firing back, asking Delgado’s former Mets teammate Jose Reyes, to tell them under oath what he knows about Delgado’s connection to a  controversial sports medicine practitioner, Anthony Galea, who has admitted  to bringing improperly identified and unapproved drugs into the United States.

Lader says he’s not claiming Delgado used steroids but says he has a right to know if that was the case, since “everybody knows players linked to steroids have no commercial value.”

“I want to be the first person in memorabilia to keep these people accountable,” Lader told the paper.

Lader also claims Delgado didn’t sign bats, caps and balls the way he was supposed to, which left them with merchandise that couldn’t be sold.  You can read about the latest in the long-running battle here.