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Memorabilia from Long Ago Philadelphia A’s player Uncovered

Stuck in a closet and forgotten for more than 40 years, memorabilia from one of Connie Mack’s favorite players is awaiting a new owner.

Chick GallowayMike Turner, the 86-year-old son-in-law of former Philadelphia A’s infielder Chick Galloway, was going through the Clinton, SC home preparing to sell it, when he stumbled across numerous items he’d placed there after Galloway’s death in 1969.

Galloway was the A’s starting shortstop from 1921-25 and for a brief time, considered one of the best players in the American League, a whiz in the field and a solid hitter.  His career ended in 1928 when as a member of the Detroit Tigers, he suffered a fractured skull when an errant throw struck him in the head.  Galloway eventually recovered and became a scout for Mack’s team.

There are letters from Mack, baseballs, photos and more, but in a chat with a newspaper reporter for this column in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Turner wasn’t sure the items had much value and was hoping to find a buyer who’d take the house and the memorabilia in a package deal.

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