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Memorabilia from Oswalt’s Career Lost in Tornado

Roy Oswalt’s childhood home in a small Mississippi town was in the direct path of a tornado that swept through the region over the weekend.

Much of the memorabilia the veteran pitcher had saved over the years was lost.

It was a frightening experience for his mom, who heard the storm approaching, then hid in a closet as the wind ripped through the structure.  Oswalt’s father was out of town at the time.

Oswalt had built a new home nearby.  It wasn’t damaged, but most of the jerseys, a major award and other items were still at his parents’ house.

As reports, he found some of his rookie jerseys hanging up, but not where you’d expect.

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  1. I think this article shows that it is very important for all collectors or anyone who has memorabilia of value in there homes to make sure they have the proper insurance to cover the unexpected things in life… Obviously, if one of a kind items get destoyed they can’t be replaced, but the insurance money can at least help you out and potentially replace what was lost.

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