Memorabilia Companies Still Waiting for Sanchez

The New York Jets are one of the NFL’s final four and that means an even higher profile 2009 NFL Exquisite Bio-Scripts Autograph Sanchezfor the guy who holds down one of the marquee positions in the league.  When the Jets have a marketable quarterback who wins, the sky’s the limit for endorsements–and these days–autograph deals.

So far, though, Sanchez has resisted.

He’s signed football cards for insertion into certain companies’ products but he has no autograph contract with any of the usual suspects in the signed memorabilia market.

Even New York-based Steiner Sports has been left on the outside looking in.

Sanchez is also gaining a reputation for being a tough autograph in person, according to the New York Post, which delves into the business of Sanchez sigs.