MeiGray Adds Client to Authenticating Stable

MeiGray Group logo It’s been a busy month for MeiGray. The company is handling the NBA Finals jersey auctions and signed up a new client for its authenticating services.

MeiGray Group has entered into an agreement that provides authentication for specific game-worn items offered by The Classic Stuff, a new memorabilia firm.

MeiGray Group will now serve as the exclusive provider for The Classic Stuff’s third-party authentications, for those items that MeiGray authenticates under its MeiGray and MeiGray Vintage labels.

Under this agreement, MeiGray-authenticated items listed on The Classic Stuff website will also carry the “MeiGray Authenticated” logo, which ensures those items have been inspected and found to be 100 percent authentic, according to the strictest standards in the hobby.

“Our goal for The Classic Stuff has been to offer not only unique game-worn jerseys to other collectors, but also offer the peace of mind that we as collectors want for ourselves,” said Classic Stuff owners Larry Pelliccioni and Eddie Olson. “By being able to display the MeiGray Authenticated logo on those items that come to us without previous authentication, we can now offer that peace of mind.”

“We’re delighted to be working with The Classic Stuff,” said MeiGray President Barry Meisel. “We take authenticity very seriously, and we’ll only share the MeiGray Authenticated Logo with game-worn jersey dealers who feel the same way. Larry and Eddie share the MeiGray vision of authenticity, that diligent research and exhaustive authentication is the way this hobby is headed in the 21st century.”

MeiGray’s team of authenticators, directed by MeiGray Vintage Director Stu Oxenhorn, will apply the MeiGray Authenticated Logo only to jerseys that are 100% authentic, and pass MeiGray’s strict standards.

“That’s not an opinion,” said Oxenhorn, who will authenticate with Meisel, Jim Montague, and the rest of the MeiGray team. “That’s a fact.” offers game-worn jerseys, helmets, and movie-worn memorabilia. MeiGray, the world’s largest game-worn hockey jersey dealer, directs the Authentication Programs for the NHL, NBA, AHL and ECHL.