Meet Topps’ CEO

Topps seemed to be in disarray a few years ago.   The direction of the company was called into question by members of its Board of Directors.  Business wasn’t that good. There was even talk of a takeover by Upper Deck.   It all seems like ancient history now.

Ryan O'HaraIt’s believed that sales and public perception is better.  Topps was sold to a group headed by former Disney chief Michael Eiser.  Positive publicity has been generated thanks to concepts like the Million Card Giveaway.  A quirky online comedy series “Back on Topps” drew good reviews.  The company renewed its arm-in-arm relationships with Major League Baseball and the NFL.

Now, there’s a new CEO.

Ryan O’Hara took over last February.  The 41-year-old has traded life in his native California for New York City, having spent time at Fox Sports, Nestle and TV Guide among other places.

His business and sports backgrounds–not to mention the Harvard MBA–made him a natural candidate.

However, in this first person account of his life for the New York Times, O’Hara revealed that his big business career started in baseball cards–-when he was in the sixth grade.