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Meet Topps’ CEO

Topps seemed to be in disarray a few years ago.   The direction of the company was called into question by members of its Board of Directors.  Business wasn't that good. There was even talk of a takeover by Upper Deck.   It all seems like ancient history now.

Ryan O'HaraIt's believed that sales and public perception is better.  Topps was sold to a group headed by former Disney chief Michael Eiser.  Positive publicity has been generated thanks to concepts like the Million Card Giveaway.  A quirky online comedy series "Back on Topps" drew good reviews.  The company renewed its arm-in-arm relationships with Major League Baseball and the NFL.

Now, there's a new CEO.

Ryan O'Hara took over last February.  The 41-year-old has traded life in his native California for New York City, having spent time at Fox Sports, Nestle and TV Guide among other places.

His business and sports backgrounds--not to mention the Harvard MBA--made him a natural candidate.

However, in this first person account of his life for the New York Times, O'Hara revealed that his big business career started in baseball cards---when he was in the sixth grade.

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