McLain Auction on Hold

Denny McLain A planned auction involving memorabilia belonging to former Detroit Tigers’ ace Denny McLain has been postponed.

1968 American League Cy Young award winner Denny McLain won’t have to see some of his baseball memorabilia put on the auction block after a temporary order was issued this week, putting the proposed sale on hold.

Authorities in Michigan seized a large stash of McLain’s personal belongings earlier this month after a variety of creditors claimed he owed them money. In his hometown, there are five open cases totaling more than $60,000, including a $14,000 bill from a credit card company. He also owes a Texas-based law firm more than $17,000 in attorney fees.

McLain’s wife Sharon sued over the court order, claiming that the home and the items it contains belong solely to her. A judge in the case scheduled a hearing for May 15th to go over the claims against McLain. In the meantime, authorities plan to scour his computer records.

Most of what was removed from the home on April 11 was sports-related memorabilia as well as TV’s and other electronic equipment. At the time, authorities believed they had enough value to settle the unpaid debts.

McLain was arrested after the items were hauled out–for failure to appear at a January creditor hearing. He was jailed briefly, but then posted bond.


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