McBummed: Hockey Fans Miffed at Crosby’s Absence from Set

McDonald’s hockey cards are a huge deal in Canada where the promotion has been a hit for several years. But collectors looking for a Sidney Crosby card with their Big Mac and fries are not finding one.

It’s happened before. Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle were missing from Topps cards in certain years because of their deals with other companies.

Now, hockey wonderkid Sidney Crosby is missing from what’s become a rite of the season in Canada–the McDonald’s card set. It seems Crosby’s agent is working on an endorsement deal with another fast food franchise and decided not to sign the deal with the Golden Arches.

The Chronicle-Herald of Halilfax quoted a letter from McDonald’s National Communications Manager Ron Christianson: "While we would have been thrilled to have him appear in this year’s sets, this was unfortunately not possible due to other contractual agreements already signed by Mr. Crosby. While we apologize for any disappointment this may cause, we’re confident hockey fans will love both the diversity and calibre of players that make up the 2006 /07 McDonald’s Ice Heroes hockey card sets."

The letter also explains that player selection for the card collection "is a complex and lengthy process" that includes McDonald’s, the Upper Deck card company, the NHL and the players association.

The McDonald’s promotion started this week. Earlier, some fans were miffed when a Canadian newspaper tried to track down the reason. They even went to Sid’s Mom. She wasn’t talking either.