Mastro Employee Changes Plea

Former Mastro Auctions employee William Boehm is expected to plead guilty to making false statements to FBI investigators.  A change of plea hearing was set for next Tuesday in U.S. District Court.

US District Court SealBoehm, who worked in IT for Mastro, was indicted two years ago and  had been slated to go to trial next month.  He was facing charges of not being truthful to agents investigating fraud inside the Chicago-based auction company several years ago.

He would join former executives Bill Mastro, Doug Allen and Mark Theotikos in pleading guilty to the government’s charges.  Mastro left the business side of the hobby in 2009 while Allen and Theotikos went on to form Legendary Auctions.  Mastro pleaded guilty last October while Allen and Theotikos did the same last month.  Mastro could face up to four years in prison while prosecutors are seeking a much longer sentence for Allen, who is accused of, among other things, tipping off another man under FBI investigation while Allen was wearing an undercover recording device.  Allen is also accused of failing to disclose the 2004 restoration of a T206 Eddie Plank card that Mastro Auctions sold in 2004.

No sentencing dates have been set as prosecutors and investigators are believed to still be combing through potential evidence in their investigation of various elements inside the sports memorabilia industry.