Masters Memorabilia Keeps Auction House Hunting

It’s Masters week and that means big business at Augusta National Golf Club.  The merchandise tents out front are busy as one-in-a-lifetime visitors stop by to purchase anything and everything they can afford.  But that’s not really what Bob Zafian is looking for.

The New Jersey resident and his business partner run Green Jacket Auctions, a sports collectibles company that’s a little different because of its specialty.  Green Jacket focuses on golf and Masters memorabilia is at the top of their want list.  The collector base is strong and die-hards are willing to pay good money to land that elusive piece.

The tournament’s history dates back to Bobby Jones and the 1930s and Zafian’s company always picks up a few new buyers and sellers during the first week of April as golf takes the main stage.

Masters memorabilia takes many forms and that means a never-ending search according to this profile at