Masters Flag Flap Has Green Jacket Seeing Red

A golf memorabilia auctioneer is suing Upper Deck over some lost Tiger Woods autographed Masters flags.

Welcome to National Sports Memorabilia Litigation Week.

What’s a Tiger Woods autographed Masters-used pin flag worth?

$7500 according to a lawsuit filed against Upper Deck by Green Jacket Auctions.

The New Jersey golf memorabilia auction firm is up in Upper Deck’s grill about six flags it says were shipped for Woods to sign– but now appear lost. Green Jacket claims the flags could have sold for a profit of $40,000 and that’s the amount of the gross negligence suit filed recently in Morristown.

Robert Zafian, co-owner of Green Jacket, said he sent Upper Deck payment of $4700 ($800 per flag less a $100 discount) with the understanding that Woods would sign them during an autograph session last spring.

According to court papers, Zafian first received an email stating the flags had been inked by Woods and were ready for shipping but things apparently unraveled from there.

Upper Deck has offered a settlement, but the two sides weren’t in the same fairway according to this story in the Daily Record of New Jersey.