Masked Men Return in Between the Pipes Issue from ITG

Is there a more popular position in sports then being a hockey goaltender?  Despite having so much equipment on they cannot skate very far or fast and are constantly in harm’s way from shots taken at close range.  It’s pretty exciting stuff and those who manage to quell the pressure and keep 13BTP-BoxMockthe lamp from lighting become very popular with fans and collectors.  The modern goalie masks all feature intricate designs and show the otherwise faceless player’s individuality And in today’s sports worlds it appears that is the most harmless way to show your own uniqueness.

In the Game has been honoring the net minder each year and 2013-14 Between the Pipes Hockey is back for another year with the product due out this week.  Once again, each pack has nine cards with 18 packs to a box.

IMG_8477The breakdown goes like this:

– Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards 1:7 packs

– Autograph Cards (Goaliegraphs) 1:7 packs

– Masked Men Cards 1:6 packs

– Non Memorabilia Inserts 1:6 packs

IMG_0848The base set is broken down into these three subsets: Stars of the game, CHL Prospects and Greats of the Game. There are also a couple of other insert sets to help round out the product.

Leading on-line retailers are pre-selling boxes in the $85-90 range which is consistent with previous years. So without further adieu, let’s see how we did from our box:

Base Cards: 136 of 150 or slightly more than 90% of the set. With a few careful purchases one should be able to finish a set from a hobby box. Looking at this reminds me of an old store promotion in which the shop owner would give you 20 cards toward your set if your purchased your unopened box at their store.

He Shoots He Saves Insert Cards: 15 different (Every “He Shoots, He Saves” redemption card is worth one point. Once you accumulate 150 redemption points, you are eligible to receive a special game-used memorabilia card not available in packs).

IMG_1956IMG_1119Immortals: Roger Crozier, Roy Edwards, Jack Gelineau

Masked Men: John Garrett, Nikolai Khabibulin 

Current Crop Silver: Evgeni Nabokov

Game Used Patch Silver: Alex Nedeljkovic

Rivals Silver: Patrick Roy/Chris Osgood

Goalie Graphs: Charlie Graham, Justin Nichols, Nikita Serebryakov

Overall three relic cards and three autograph cards meant we did a little better than we might have and getting six hits means we were able to slightly beat the odds and enjoy some nice pulls as well as a tour of the best goalies of yesterday, today and tomorrow.