Marijuana Seed Case Snares Card Crook

A man who bilked eBay sports card buyers two years ago has been arrested for growing a completely different type of business.

eBay customers who may have thought justice would be served against a Midwestern man who took their payments but never delivered didn’t get their wish three years ago.

Jesse Groth decided not to show up for his sentencing in the case and was labeled a fugitive. He was sentenced in abstentia but detectives never did locate him…until a woman he’s been living was arrested in a recent marijuana growing case.

Now, Groth and the much younger woman are facing much longer prison sentence if convicted on charges they sold pot seeds to folks around the world—and law enforcement officers tipped off by the mom of a teenager who placed an order online.

It all happened just north of Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Journal-Gazette spells out the details.