Mantle Obscenity Ball Sold…to Mantles?

Mickey Mantle knew how to swear and wasn’t above doing it on an autographed baseball. One report says the latest Mantle f-bomb ball was bought by the Mick’s family.

Mickey Mantle autographs were a cottage industry during the 1980s and 90s.

Everyone wanted one. Mickey was getting good money to crank them out. Dealers got good money to sell them. Even forgers were making huge bucks by meeting the demand with plenty of supply sold to a gullible public.

It got to be quite a game for Mick, who was also known to have a few too many drinks and write just about anything on a photo or piece of paper.

Grey Flannel Auctions put a “F-Yogi” Mantle signed ball on its website earlier this week and it wound up selling, according to Writer Darren Rovell claims the buyer was Mantle’s own family, which was trying to keep it out of the hands of a collector who might put it on public display.

If they’re trying to clean up the market, though, they might have a long way to go. Gallery of History had some for sale ten years ago.

Leland’s sold an “F-You Willie Mays” photo in 2002.

Another message board poster claimed Mantle had a similar spherical message for him once.

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