Man Says Card Collection Missing; Blames Sis

A West Virginia man says he’s missing a six figure baseball card collection and he’s accusing his sister of taking it from the home of his dead mother.

Michael Mehall of Scottdale, has filed a civil suit against Marlene Wesolowsky, 47, of Morgantown who was the executrix for the estate of Rosemary Mehall.

He says his collection included more than 250, 000 cards including some T206s, several complete sets from the 1960s and 70s, numerous star cards like Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson and more.

His mother died in 2004 and Michael Mehall’s case is separate from a larger, criminal case that’s been filed against Marlene Wesolowsky by his five siblings.  They say the money and property from their mother’s $677,000 estate is gone despite a will that states they were to divide it equally.

According to court papers, Michael Mehall discovered the collection was missing when he was allowed into his mother’s house in 2007.   According to this story, Mehall says he’d been collecting his entire life.


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    […] 677,000 estate is gone despite a will that states they were to divide it equally […]…

  2. […] card collection. Mehall is suing his sister, Marlene Wesolowsky of West Virginia, for grabbing up the $677,216 estate of their mother, who passed away in 2004. The money was supposed do be divided equally among six siblings, […]