Man Cleaning Out Desk Finds Trio of Important 1950’s Autographs

You never know what you’ll find stuck inside an old desk.  For Reggie Grant of Springfield, MA, it was a piece of baseball history.

The 66-year-old was cleaning out a very old desk drawer at his home when he says he found something that looked like a report card.

Autographed Brooklyn Dodgers baseball dinner programHe almost crumpled it up but took another look and found photos of some baseball legends from decades ago. Not only that, but there were signatures of three Baseball Hall of Famers adorning the well-worn, but still very legible page from a 1950 testimonial dinner in New York:  Branch Rickey, Roy Campanella…and Jackie Robinson.  The program isn’t in perfect shape, but the three scrawls are very readable.

“I never even knew it was here,” said Grant, who is a former social counselor and postal worker.

The three autographs are among the most sought after in the hobby; Robinson and Rickey joined at the hip after breaking baseball’s color barrier, and Campanella’s signature pre-dating the car accident that left him with limited use of his hands.

How did it get there?  A clue was found inside and it has to do with his grandfather.   Read the story here.