Maid Accused of Cleaning Out Collector’s Signed Baseballs

A 37-year-old maid has been charged with theft in the disappearance of over $200,000 worth of jewelry and autographed Yankees baseballs.

Signed baseballsMarjorie Eicker, 37, of Granite Shoals, TX, has been charged with Theft, a first degree felony.

On approximately October 1, 2011, a home owner in the Lake Travis area  noticed some of her jewelry was missing, along with a collection of signed balls, including those bearing the autographs of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Thurman Munson and others.   The homeowner suspected Eicker  in the theft because she was the last person who had access to her bedroom and closet when the items were last seen.

The victim allegedly called Eicker and confronted her about the missing items.  Eicker denied having them at first, but according to arrest affidavits, Eicker then told the victim that she may be able to get the jewelry back if police were kept out of the case.  Law enforcement officials say Eicker told the victim that she had sold the jewelry to a woman and was going to try to buy it back, but later changed her story, accusing someone else of the theft.

However, the Travis County Sheriff says she later admitted to stealing items from the victim’s residence and said she had a friend who was trying to locate the other stolen items, which included the signed baseballs.

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